The best wood splitting axe


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My next door neighbour has a chain saw and I hate it with a passion. That is I hate the ghastly sound it makes. Then the time came when a couple of trees right next to my house had to come down – too much shade and showers of debris onto the terrace every time the wind blew. Well of course I asked my neighbour as he is the tree expert, and out came the chainsaw.

The job was done in a trice, I had more light on the garden and inside the house and a load of logs for my wood burning stove. So I came to understand why he loves his chainsaw. But I knew I was never going to use one and just needed a decent axe to chop up my logs.

In the end a bought a Fiskars super splitting axe as it is modern, sturdy and light and I don’t need to build up my muscles to use it. There are plenty of excellent reviews on the web and the only noise I get out of it is a pleasing thunk while chopping the logs. I won’t be going down to the woods to chop down trees with it – I now know that’s where the chainsaw comes in. I am now well equiped for the time when the oil runs out (and the gas and the electricity) I shall boil my kettle on my wood burning stove. Tea is so refreshing after a hard days chopping!



Beautiful Lawn Options


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One of the first things that people will see when looking at your home is the lawn. This is why it’s important to have a nice looking yard. Not only will this make you feel better every day when you come home from work, the value of your home will be higher as well due to the curb appeal. Having a nice looking lawn does take some work and time though. Unless you figured out how to start a home based business and retire early from it, you might not have a lot of time to keep your grass looking as nice as possible due to fatigue from work and the fact that most people would rather enjoy their weekends than to spend it tending to their yard.

One option that you have is to use artificial grass. Many people think that this type of grass will feel hard and unnatural. Well, they’re right about the unnatural part but the type of fake grass that is created these days, it’s hard to tell if they are fake or not even if you touch them. The benefits of using this type of grass are many such as never having to water your lawn, never cutting it, and never having to deal with allergy.

fake grass

Benefits of Home Composting


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Organic gardening is not simply an excuse to neglect your garden, or an excuse to waste extra money on “organic” feeds, fertilizers and other garden products. Home composting really should be at the heart of all moves towards organic gardening. Heck, even if you have no interest in green living, or going organic you should still be making compost at home anyway!

Yes, compost is work, but it is so worth it. I have been composting at home for too long to say. I’ve done it in small urban gardens where a compost tumbler was essential for keeping things tidy (and the compost coming quickly), and on huge vegetable plots with simple home-made brick compost heaps that could never keep up with the demand of all those vegetables!

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small flower bed or a huge vegetable plot, the benefits of home composting are more than worth the effort:

  1. by recycling your organic waste you reduce your impact on the environment by sending less to land-fill or incinerators.
  2. you reduce the need for additional fertilizers since compost is full of the nutrients needed by plants.
  3. you can reduce the need for watering, weeding and mulching by applying a generous layer of your home produced compost to the soil.
  4. by making your plants strong and healthy you will reduce the need for pest and disease control products.
  5. you simply get to be a slightly more “smug” gardening, by knowing you are doing your bit!

Home composting might seem like a hassle at first. If you read much about it, you might feel it is all rather complicated, what with finding the perfect mix of ingredients, and the right temperature. In truth, if you leave a pile of organic waste long enough it will compost down naturally over time, and it takes very little to help this process along.

A good mixture of brown (think woody plant material, paper and card) and green (think vegetable peelings and grass clippings), plus plenty of insulation in colder climates should see your compost heap working it’s magic in no time!



Keeping Your Carbon Footprint Low When Shopping


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When it comes to big businesses the average Joe and Jane does not get much of a say in the way they run their companies. However there is one way we can possibly influence how they decide to market, manufacture and sell their products. How is that? With our dollar. We vote for a company each time we spend a dollar at the local grocery store, department store or online.

In terms of the impact a company has on the environment through the creation of their products at the manufacturing level as well as delivery and sale we can choose to spend our money with companies and on products that have a lower impact in terms of carbon foot print during manufacturing and delivery.

Choose companies that stand for the good of the environment. When you’re shopping for a wrinkle cream or skin care product consider all natural companies such as Aveda or Body Shop. These are two companies that are interested and stand for what happens to our environment. Also if you can shop online direct from the merchant. This means the products don’t have to be delivered to a retail outlet and while it’s still up in the air wether shopping online and paying for delivery produces a lower carbon footprint then driving around to local stores, I think it makes more sense.

An even better alternative is to shop local for skin care, beauty, food and all your other consumable products that are bought often. These products don’t make much of a journey at all to your local retailers. Consider farmers markets, craft shows as well as small online local businesses that have a web store.

Triple Leaf Tea Ingredients


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Triple leaf tea ingredients will help all the systems of your body to improve their functions, from internal organs to nervous system, from your digestive system to the health of your skin and hair. You’ll feel a lot better if you start drinking triple leaf tea on daily basis: more energetic, full of life, in a good mood.

Triple leaf tea doesn’t contain caffeine, so you can have as many cups as you want. Also, it’s not a diuretic or a laxative drink, it only helps your kidney, liver and digestive system to work better, in a natural, gentle way and thus acts as the best detox tea. Besides being so healthy, triple leaf tea has a great taste and you’ll enjoy every cup. This plants infusion contains cinnamon, ginger and mint among other delicious flavors, so it’s quite delicious.

If you are addicted to unhealthy drinks such as really sweet soft drinks, energetic drinks, shakes and other stuff that bring only calories and chemicals to your diet, triple leaf tea is the perfect substitute for them. Add some honey to it, to emphasize its exotic taste, and drink it hot or cold – it’s a great, healthy drink. Triple leaf tea doesn’t have any kind of side effects and you can benefit from it at any age.  

Scarecrow Motion Sensor Sprinklers


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Let’s face it, we don’t want animals eating our garden plants or our vegetables. But many people have real problems with this issue. It can be Dogs or Deer or it can even be birds stealing fish from the Pond.

There is a simple and human solution and it is scarecrow motion activates sprinkler that is what you need.  This is one of those great garden tips that you will be very glad you read about.

These motion activated sprinklers are amazing things. We simply hook them up and then as soon as anything at all moves in range, even large birds, they are going to get the shock of their lives. They get a jet of water fired straight at them. It is totally humane though, they don’t get hurt, just a little surprised.

You will find that after only a day or two of this happening they are going to never be a bother again. It is so effective that I really cannot think of anything else that could work so well and so quickly as well.

If you are getting your prize marrows or your borders absolutely ruined by animals and pests on the rampage then get yourself one of these sprinklers, you will be pest free in days and back to sleeping soundly at night.


Saving Lives With Breathalyzers


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Green living focusses on the quality of live and sustaining a healthy lifestyle without putting too much stress on the world and the environment. It is with that train of thought in mind, that people who seek to live a grean lifestyle, will also try to make more sensible decisions when it comes to the use of alcohol, especially if they still need to get behind the wheel of a car.

Obviously it is always better to completely avoid drinking alcoholic beverages if you still need to drive, but there are always occasions that do not turned out as planned. At times like that, it is a good thing to have a breathalyzer handy, such as for example the BACtrack Element breathalyzer, which is a very small handheld device you can easily keep in your car, to use whenever in doubt.

If you want to play it completely safe you should opt for the BACtrack S80 Pro, which is a professional breathalyzer that will even give correct test results when testing people who are on a low caloric diet or who suffer from diabetes, but in general, an Element breathalyzer will do just fine.

The above breathalyzer will both indicate whether or not you are legally allowed to drive your car, but apart from that, you can actually tell the exact amount of blood alcohol concentration, as to get a clear view on how much you really are intoxicated. Although 0.08 BAC is the legal limit, you should be aware that 0.04 BAC already makes you legally impaired, so if you are thinking of driving your car home safely, you better stay under that limit.

Flea Treatments With Minimal Environmental Impact


Posted by M Bedolla | Posted in environment | Posted on 07-11-2011

A lot of people buy cheap Capstar online and there is no doubt that this is a great way to save money. But a lot of people have concerns about using meds too much because of the environmental impact.

And ths is why Capstar is such a great option. It is not like a monthly medication where you are using a lot of chemicals to keep your pet flea free for a long period of time. Capstar has a minmal impact as it uses a minimal amount of chemicals. This is because it is used to just get rid of adult fleas that are on our pets and just keeps them protected for a day.

Just enough time to deal with the problem. If you want to make sure that your pet is totally protected then this is about the best possible way to do it. You are keeping some “green” credentials and have a minimal impact on the environment.

It is much better to use a flea medication like this if your pet does not get fleas on a regular basis as you are leaving a smaller footrpint and are ensuring that your pet stays totally safe and flea free at the same time. It is a win win situation.

Online College and Time Management


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It can be very difficult to maintain a busy schedule with work, family, and pursuing your online college degree.  It’s vital that you manage your time well to ensure educational success at an online college.  Everyone manages their time in different ways.  Some people procrastinate and just can’t seem to do anything ahead of time.  There are some that will work ahead and turn in assignments days, or even weeks, before their scheduled due date.  Perhaps the best way to manage your time for online college is to make a schedule for yourself.

 Students that wait until the last minute to turn in assignments are unable to compensate for unforeseen difficulties such as illness, computer problems, or a change in work schedule.  If you wait until the due date to begin on your assignment, you may not complete it in time.  Never wait until an assignment is due to start on it!

 It’s good to work a little ahead in your college courses, but you’ll want to remember not to work too far ahead.  If you turn in assignments very early, by the time you’re tested over the material, you may have forgotten what you’ve learned.  Also, your teacher may change an assignment and if you’ve worked too far ahead, you’ll have already turned in the assignment. 

 It’s important to maintain a schedule that works for you and that allows you to complete your assignments on time.  A good way to do this is to schedule yourself “class time” every day.  By logging in to each of your courses daily, you’ll be able to keep up and be informed of important changes.



Save Money on Heating & Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


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With Winter fast approaching coupled with soaring costs of energy, many consumers in the UK are wondering how to save money on heating bills.  Saving money is the number one priority for most of us, but a secondary effect of reducing heating bills is that we will also be reducing our carbon footprints and protecting the future of the planet. It’s a double whammy and one that we should feel good about.

Insulate, insulate, insulate!

There are a variety of low cost and even free solutions to save money on heating so don’t even consider turning your heating off this Winter. One of the best ways to save money on heating is to insulate your walls, ceilings and roof spaces as much as possible. The more layers and types of insulation you can install in your home the better. While those of us who do not receive any type of social security benefits will have to pay out for insulation, it really is worth the cost. (If you’re on benefits then the government provide some types of free insulation).

On top of laying a thick loft insulation, getting cavity wall insulation and ensuring your water tank is well insulated, there are some other lesser known ways of saving money on your heating bills.

Top Tips for Saving Money on Energy Bills

1. Use a thermal wallpaper such as Wallrock Thermal Liner on your walls and ceilings. Up to a third of heat loss from the home is through the walls and a thermal lining paper can reduce this amount by up to 36%. It also increases room warm up time, which means less energy used and lower energy costs for you.

2. Use thermal lined curtains. Around 18% of heat loss is through our windows. Minimise this by replacing old curtains with thermal lined ones.

3. Do not turn your heating off! It is far better to keep your heating on at a low setting than turning it off completely. When you turn your heating off, the house becomes extremely cold and will require huge amounts of energy to heat it to a comfortable level again. This will cost a lot of money! it may not be intuitive but it’s actually cheaper to keep your heating on at 16 – 20 degrees all the time. I usually have my heating on at around 19 degrees during the day/evening and turn it down to 16 degrees at night (during the winter). I should say when I’m at home I have my heating on at 16 – 20 degrees – when I go out I turn it down to 16, just to keep the place semi warm.

4. Insulate your floors. Up to 10% of heat can be lost through your floors. Depending on the type of floor you have you might decide to use a fibreboard underlay or polyfoam board. If you have wooden floor boards (rather than concrete) at the very least make sure you fill gaps to prevent drafts.

While some of these tips to save money on heating will cost money – you will recoup that cash through cheaper energy bills in the long term. You’ll also have the satisfaction of knowing that your doing your bit for the environment too. Here’s to a warm Winter – enjoy it!